Gov. Gary Herbert announced appointments Tuesday to the Utah Court of Appeals and 4th District Court benches.

Third District Judge Stephen Roth was named to serve as a judge for the Court of Appeals, and Wasatch County Attorney Thomas Low was named as a judge for the 4th District Court.

Roth, an assistant U.S. attorney before he was selected to be a 3rd District Court judge in 2002, was described by Herbert "as an intelligent and hardworking public servant with a well-deserved reputation for fairness and integrity."

The governor said Low, who has served as Wasatch County Attorney since 2003, has an extensive history of professional participation in the area. "That, combined with his breadth and depth of experience, makes him uniquely qualified for this position," Herbert said.

Both appointments must be confirmed by the Utah Senate. Roth would fill vacancies created by the retirement of Appeals Court Judge Pamela Greenwood and Low, the retirement of 4th District Judge Gary Stott.