I've soaked nude at Diamond Fork for years. I just spoke with Doug Jones, the Forest Service District Ranger. He sadly regrets he put up the sign that allows nudity in ignorance of local law. The sign is coming down.

The Utah County Sheriff was legally justified to issue the citations, but to do so when that sign was there is clearly entrapment. Those young firefighters should have no problem getting the charges dismissed. Any judge with half a brain or heart won't even let this come to trial.

But that won't fix things for the rest of us. Diamond Fork has become known nationally and internationally for nude soaking. Perhaps a compromise could be worked out with legislators for nude bathing in a couple of the pools like the one off the trail and above the waterfall and the one up on the hillside few people know exists. Someone suggested alternate days for nude soaking with signs clearly marking that fact at both trailheads similar to the dog leash law in Millcreek Canyon.

Jim Catano

Salt Lake City