Winner: Utah and dinosaurs have always been a good match. They're good for science and excellent for tourism. So it was nice this week to hear that a University of Utah scientist helped in the discovery of Tawa hallae, a species that was about the size of a St. Bernard. From a scientific standpoint, this discovery helps shed light on how dinosaurs came to be. From a tourism standpoint, what could be more marketable than a dog-sized dinosaur? Even Fred Flintstone didn't have that.

Loser: Few things could make Utah football fans feel better than a bill in Washington that outlaws the Bowl Championship Series. Shouldn't the Utes have at least been given a chance to play for the national championship last season? And how about TCU this year? Couldn't they easily beat Texas, which is playing in the BCS title game Jan. 7? Unfortunately, the Constitution doesn't allow for laws that simply make people feel good, and that's what makes this a loser. The law passed from a House subcommittee this week, but it really goes way beyond anything the Constitution allows Congress to do. Football fans need to rely on the BCS itself to clean up its act, no matter how laughable the prospects may appear.

Winner: A microorganism developed by BYU and a patented delivery system by Provo-based Pure Enviro Management LLC apparently clean contaminated soil faster and better than any chemical concoction. Pure Enviro has been granted exclusive rights to use the new "bug" in the United States and Canada, according to reports this week. That's good news, and it demonstrates the value a good research university and an entrepreneurial business community can have on the local economy, as well as the environment.