FARMINGTON — For the second year in a row, Davis County commissioners approved a leaner budget than the previous year.

And as government officials know, when budgets are going down, residents don't show up at public hearings.

Other than two reporters, Tuesday night's budget hearing at Farmington Junior High School was attended only by county elected and appointed officials and employees.

"Everybody worked to be as slim and trim as they could in their departments," said Commissioner Louenda Downs.

Davis County's 2010 operating budget is about $1.5 million lighter than it was in 2009. The decrease comes from shrinking sales tax revenue because of less spending during the year's economic downturn.

Commissioners approved the $92.9 million operating budget, which doesn't include a tax increase.

"Davis County continues to strive to provide necessary services at the lowest cost to taxpayers," said Davis County Clerk/Auditor Steve Rawlings.

The operating budget doesn't include $35.2 million the county plans to spend from its capital projects fund, where officials have been putting money away for some big projects.

Among those projects is the construction of a new Davis County library headquarters, county administration building, health building, senior center and various flood projects.

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