SCIPIO, Millard County — A rancher remained in critical condition Friday with injuries he suffered when he was run over Wednesday by his tractor.

Deputies found Victor Monroe, 66, lying in the middle of 100 West near 395 North about 2 p.m., the Millard County Sheriff's Office said. He was conscious and complaining of severe abdominal pain.

Monroe uses an old tractor and a 28-foot feed box to feed his cattle, deputies said. On Wednesday, he had problems with the tractor due to the extreme cold weather. Witnesses said that just before the accident, Monroe had gotten the tractor working and was on his way to feed his herd with the feed box loaded with six half-ton bales of hay. He stopped next to his flatbed pickup truck, exited the tractor with its engine still running and forked hay from the feed box onto the bed of the truck.

Deputies said as Monroe attempted to climb back onto the tractor, its transmission was accidentally engaged and the tractor lunged forward. Monroe fell from the tractor, deputies said, and his abdomen was run over by the tractor's right rear tire and the dual wheels on the right side of the feed box.

The tractor continued north across State Street and struck a tree, causing the engine to stop.

Monroe was flown to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

— Geoff Liesik