Westminster College President Michael Bassis has been asked to join an esteemed group of 81 college and university leaders from around the country to form the Association of American Colleges and Universities' President's Trust, which is leading the charge for liberal education and its value in today's world.

The group is a part of AAC&U's national initiative, Liberal Education and America's Promise and will meet to discuss and then spread information regarding the integration of liberal arts and professional preparation on campus and to build public understanding of what the Trust deems valuable educational outcomes.

"As the nation is setting new goals for increasing college attainment, we need to focus like a laser beam on the kinds of learning that build both economic vitality and civic commitment," Carol Geary Schneider, AAC&U president said in a statement released to media. "Members of the trust, including President Bassis, are helping to redirect the national dialogue to address these critical issues."

Schneider said that Bassis' leadership will help ensure that all college students in all majors receive "the kind of education they deserve — one that provides them with broad knowledge, sophisticated intellectual and practical skills, a well-developed sense of personal and social responsibility, and the capacity to apply learning to new problems."

Bassis joins other presidents and superintendents from various liberal arts schools and state universities across the nation, such as American University, Washington State and others.

— Wendy Leonard