Many hands make for light work.

That doesn't mean the hands of 24-year-old Felyshia Rackham don't

hurt after personally knitting 60 hats within the past couple

months for orphans in Grand Rapids, Mich.But Rackham's effort was just a dent in the 575 hats the young

women and Relief Society have knitted since Sept. 1

at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Greenville.

The group for Mormon teen girls ages 12 to 17 meets every Wednesday

night for fellowship and service. The group was looking for a new

service project in September and heard about the need for warm

winter hats and mittens for children at the St. John's Home in

Grand Rapids.St. John's Home was established in 1889 as a Catholic orphanage

and now is a private, nonprofit, nondenominational agency that

provides residential therapy and shelter care for about 700

children and teens suffering from abuse and neglect.