I just got a newsletter from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources saying that the general deer hunt for 2010 will be reduced by four days, except for 17-year-olds and younger.

This goes against the recommendation of the state wildlife biologists. According to your paper, the biologists said there is no indication that this reduction will help increase deer numbers.

I can remember campaigning for a petition that later became a referendum that was voted on and passed by the public to only let the professionals at DWR manage our wildlife. Seems like Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife has forgotten what it was trying to accomplish — keeping the "emotionals" and the nonprofessionals out of the management that the biologist should be doing.

SFW has done a lot of good in our state for wildlife and the sport of hunting, but I think it really should leave the management of our wildlife to the pros.

Mike Sanderson

West Jordan