Reports state that some conservative legislators are forming a pact, refusing to raise taxes regardless of any conditions. More than 900 people in our education system lost their livelihoods in the last round of cuts. The State Board of Regents and all presidents of the Utah System of Higher Education have pleaded with the Legislature that the system is at a "tipping point"; more cuts will necessitate, among other losses, an additional 640 jobs.

The Salt Lake government raised taxes a whopping $20 per household to rescue their infrastructure. Bravo! I am willing to pay $20 to $200 a year more in taxes to save families' employment.

This economy will recover. If we all keep our heads and work together, we can save responsible families from losing their jobs, homes, dignity and health insurance. I suggest a modest tax bill raise with a mandated time expiration of a few years that reverts to current levels.

Marcus Vincent