Recent letters by Rebecca Green (Readers' Forum, Dec. 6) and Lashell B. Johnson (Readers' Forum, Dec. 8) advocate the use of more roundabouts, or more properly pronounced "rund-a-boots," as a solution to our increasing traffic congestion. Having lived in England and driven nearly 100,000 miles over a three-year period, I can say — based on my driving experience — roundabouts really only work well when there is very limited traffic. They would soon prove to be a traffic nightmare in most areas. When traffic builds up to any significant volume, the roundabouts become dysfunctional. The Brits have recognized this and in many areas are now installing traffic lights at the entrances to the roundabouts as a way to provide some way to give equal access to these intersections.

While we loved living in England and there is much to love and admire about the United Kingdom, their road engineering, traffic control and national health system always come up short.

Roundabouts have a useful place in our system, albeit a very limited one.

Rick Kinnersley

Salt Lake City