WEST JORDAN — The sister of a man shot to death last summer — possibly over a dispute involving a stolen iPod — testified that Joshua Buie came at her brother, raised his arm holding a gun and, when she looked again, her brother was flat on the ground with a bullet wound in his chest.

Buie was 17 at the time, but his case is being handled in adult court. He is charged with murder, a first-degree felony.

Janel Lasiloo testified at a preliminary hearing for Buie on Wednesday and spoke of groups of teens and young adults getting together for a couple of different parties, beginning July 24 and running into July 25.

At one point, Buie — referred to as "A.J." — arrived to pick her up, along with her brother, Stephen Lasiloo, 21, and others, to take them to a party at a South Jordan home, Janel Lasiloo testified.

She said she remembered Buie making a reference to someone at the house possessing a gun.

Sometime in the evening, her brother did some damage to the home, the owner confronted him about it, and Stephen Lasiloo offered to pay for it.

Tensions rose and arguments broke out, so the young woman, her brother and her cousin decided to leave on foot to get away from some of the people at the party, she said.

As they were walking about a block from the house, the young woman said, she heard a car behind them. Her cousin urged everyone to hide, which they did, but Buie spotted her brother in some bushes.

Stephen Lasiloo stood up, Buie began walking toward him, and Janel Lasiloo ran from her hiding place to stand by her brother.

"A.J. was holding a gun to his side. I saw A.J. start to lift his arm, and Stephen pushed me (onto the ground for her protection)," Janel Lasiloo testified.

When she jumped to her feet, "I saw Stephen on the ground, and A.J. was already in the car and it was leaving," she said.

Janel Lasiloo said she first thought her brother had passed out, so she began slapping him to awaken him, but to no avail. Then her cousin lifted the man's shirt and they both saw a bullet hole in his chest.

There was no reference to an iPod during the young woman's testimony on Wednesday morning, but court documents indicate there was some type of argument over a stolen iPod at the party that involved several individuals. Both Buie and Stephen Lasiloo were among those at the home near 11300 South and 450 West, according to court documents.

Lasiloo's body was found near 445 West and 11400 South.

The preliminary hearing before 3rd District Judge Stephen Roth is expected to continue through Thursday.

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