Don Osmond

Ah, the yuletide season is upon us — a time to gather as families and reminisce about the past year.

Of course, rounding up your entire family and social circle is not the easiest thing to do — remember Thanksgiving?

Since bringing everyone together is next to impossible, families typically send out Christmas cards.

Although renditions of this tradition differ greatly, the intent remains the same. It's a simple way to share with one another the events of 2009.

Some families choose a simple card accompanied with a photo. Others take a more creative approach, using the family photo as the greeting card. Or, for the typical Mormon family, sending a more lengthy newsletter is preferred — there's never enough room on a standard card to write the entire family history.

Sending these postal updates seems ideal for families; with every member, there's so much to draw from. But what about those of us who are single? Are we required to take part in this tradition? Must I, too, include a photo with my card?

That picture is going to seem a little bleak to me; especially, if the salutation reads "… from our family to yours."

For this reason, I've always felt a little awkward sending Christmas cards. However, I have countless unmarried friends who thrive on distributing holiday greetings.

So, where is the resolve? That decision is left up to the individual (pun intended).

Regardless, this season, the important thing to remember is family. And whether we have our own family or participate in a larger association of friends whom we consider family, this is a time to enjoy the relationships we have with one another.

Don Osmond, son of Donny and Debbie Osmond, is a public relations professional in the greater Salt Lake area as well as a professional bobsledder in Park City. Don's column, "Cresting 30," appears on on Mondays.

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