How many people listen to public radio in the Salt Lake radio market?

An estimated 259,500 people do, according to some estimates Arbitron took last summer.

KUER (FM-90.1) boasts an estimated cumulative audience of 164,500 listeners; KCPW (FM-88.3/105.3) has 53,200 and KRCL (FM-90.9) has an audience of 51,800.

These estimates don't list KBYU for some strange reason and also omit KUSU, perhaps because it is located outside the Salt Lake radio market in Logan.

KUER's numbers mean it has a 4.3 percent share of the Salt Lake radio market audience.

KRCL has 1.6 (despite its lower "cume" than KCPW), and KCPW has a 1.2 percent audience share.

The numbers from these three stations alone probably indicate that at least 15 percent to 20 percent of all radio listeners do frequent the public radio realm.

Anyway, getting any Arbitron estimates these days is difficult, and these estimates came indirectly from the Radio Research Consortium's Web site.

(I don't know why any NPR station ratings numbers should be confidential or privileged, since they are noncommercial stations and do not engage in advertising.)

RADIO HAPPENINGS — Bob Lonsberry, morning host on KNRS (AM-570), has written two books, "Baghdad Christmas" and "Cumorah Christmas." Lonsberry did a book signing on Dec. 9 at Provo's Eborn Books.

— Some morning radio shows can get pretty zany and silly at times. I've noticed recently, too, that KUTV's morning TV news is basically the same zany morning radio style, only on TV. Ch. 2's morning news also has Casey Scott, who previously spent nine years doing radio on KENZ with Jimmy Chunga. And Scott is doing pretty much the same thing on TV now as he did on radio.

(KUTV's morning news style also creates a split in my household each weekday morning. My wife and daughter are strongly partial to KUTV's lighter news touch, while I favor the other stations, which feature a more serious newsy style.)

— "Johnson and Johnson" on KUBL (FM-93.3) are sponsoring their 12th annual "Christmas Wish" event again this holiday season. Listeners are encouraged to nominate anyone they know in need. Go to: