LOGAN — When the Bear River Health Department was broken into early Monday, the perpetrators apparently were looking for one thing and one thing only: vials of urine.

They stole 17 samples, which appeared to be random, department spokeswoman Jill Parker said. She said when the thieves broke into the Logan facility at 665 E. 1300 North, they bypassed an entire computer system and other various office equipment and proceeded straight to the refrigerator where the vials were kept.

Parker said the thieves gained access to the building by way of a plate glass window for an office on the first floor. She said there was damage to the windows, blinds and walls in that office, as well as to the refrigerator where the samples were held.

Parker said there are security cameras installed to monitor the building, as well as an alarm system. She said the thief must have entered the building after an employee had already come and gone, thus disabling the alarm system for the day.

The urine samples held at the department are used exclusively for drug testing, and Parker said there was no common thread among the stolen vials. By Monday afternoon, all 17 of the people whose samples were stolen had submitted new samples.

All security camera footage was turned over to the Logan Police Department. Logan Police Lt. Rod Peterson said the incident is under investigation.

— Emiley Morgan