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If you were one of the millions who hit the stores on Black Friday but came up short of the mark, or if you were one of the millions who stayed home, don't fret. There is still plenty of time to get your gifts buttoned up — and stick to your budget.

According to retail reports from Black Friday, shoppers were more than happy to get up early and pound the pavement, but ultimately they were unwilling to open their wallets for anything but true bargains. If you were one of the millions who went to the stores that Friday but came up short, or if you were one of the millions who stayed home, don't fret, because there is still plenty of time to get your gifts buttoned up — and stick to your budget. We consulted Amy Suardi, founder of, a blog dedicated to helping busy moms stretch their dollars further, and together we've rounded up ways for you to save on gifts this holiday, all from the comfort of your own armchair.

Amy's advice: Don't wing it. She explains, "As with saving money in general, planning ahead is the best way to save money. First, time affords you the luxury to really think about what someone needs or wants. Thoughtful gifts can get away with being less expensive because they are more satisfying to both the giver and the receiver. Second, when we are rushed and stressed, we tend to throw money at the problem. If we take the time to research the person's interests, we are less prone to grabbing high-priced items to fill the void. Finally, homemade gifts, the least expensive of all, usually require time and effort. If you want to make a memory book or a collection of your child's artwork, you'll feel better if you've got it in hand ahead of time (and less likely to drop the idea when time gets tight)."

With that in mind, we've broken down how to bargain hunt into a few simple steps.

1. Start with a list and a budget. Know what you can spend before you start shopping. Do not — we repeat, do not — go shopping without having taken this step. Allot a specific dollar amount that you can spend on a gift for each person. If your budget is tight this year, don't forget to include dollars you may have sitting on unused or half-used gift cards. Credit-card points are another source of hidden "dollars." If you're scratching your head as to how to put together a holiday budget, we have created some free downloadable budget forms for you at

2. Brainstorm and research. Don't give someone the gift you want to receive. Take the time to figure out what he or she wants to receive (within your budget constraints, of course). This is the really fun part. Take a few moments to put yourself in the shoes of the other person. If you're feeling "stuck," log on to a mega-retailer's site (like, grab the stack of catalogs that has been accumulating in your mailbox, peruse the circular ads in your most recent newspaper and search for gift guides online from bloggers you love. Have fun and let your mind go! The beauty of the Internet is that it's so easy to get ideas and make sure those ideas are in the right price range.

3. Research deals. Once you have your list, go to a comparison-shopping site like — one that lets you see the items in a grid and lets you compare the features/prices for products. Another good one is Scan which stores are carrying the items you want for the lowest price. If you want to skip the research and wing it, download a nifty little iPhone App called SnapTell for free. It uses the camera feature of the iPhone to snap pictures of any book, CD or video game, and, within seconds, gives you a rating, description and links to sites like Google, YouTube, IMDB, eBay, Barnes & Noble and more. That makes it very easy to comparison shop on the fly, something almost impossible to do before.

4. Ditch the need to find the one, perfect deal. Don't stress about finding the "perfect" deal. First of all, there will always be another deal on something juicy down the line. As long as you are sticking to your overall budget, you can relax. Secondly, the holidays aren't about any one thing, but rather the joy of remembering those you love with tokens of your affection. It's not the token that matters so much, but the affection with which it is given.

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