A tussle involving a stun gun, a window scraper and an attempted robbery ended Tuesday after the man was able to beat his assailant with a window scraper, police said.

The man was arriving at work near 1500 East and 2100 South just before 11 a.m., Salt Lake police reported. He was in the process of taking chains off of his tires when he noticed someone rushing at him from a nearby alleyway.

The worker had a window scraper in his hand. He told police that when the man charged him, he also pushed something against his chest, which made the "crackle" sound of a stun gun. Officers say the gun had no effect on the man because he was wearing thick winter clothes at the time.

Once he realized what was happening, the man began to club his attacker with the window scraper, aiming for his neck and head, a police report states. He continued to defend himself with the window scraper even after he was thrown to the ground.

The attacker eventually dropped the stun gun and picked it up before he fled the scene. He headed back down the alley he had come from, the report states.

Police responded to the area but were unable to find the attacker. The victim suffered only minor injuries in the incident.

— Emiley Morgan