Your publisher, Jim R. Wall, writes on page C7 of your Dec. 7 edition that a newspaper must "infuriate." From my point of view, you are doing a great job of just that. Two recent articles illustrate my point. On Dec. 6, the front page had a headline read, "Deep down, Utahns want health care reform bills." That headline is derived from a poll asking us if pre-existing conditions must be covered and if most Americans should be required to have health insurance. That's like asking us if we like food, then concluding we would like to eat moldy bread.

On Dec. 7, a front page headline read, "Climate finale in Copenhagen is looking up." The article suggests that an international agreement to limit carbon dioxide emissions has a great chance of success. From my point of view, such an agreement would be a catastrophe, not a cause for celebration.

I have trouble understanding how the Deseret News can be a cheerleader for the current health care reform bills or a carbon dioxide treaty. For someone like me who believes that a government needs to keep its spending under control, your paper truly proves itself infuriating.

W.E. Peterson