Of all the news throughout the world, there is no news like the growth

of the Mormon church.

In one 624-page volume is the most complete compilation of facts and

statistics arranged to tell the greatest story in the world.

__IMAGE1__Like other almanacs, it is thin on plot but very thick on details.

Each temple, with its particular dimensions and history, is recorded.

Information includes:
  • Biographical details of each general authority

    and auxiliary leader since the church began, with either a photo or

  • A recap of the major news events of the church


  • Biographical information is presented on each leader who has served
  • Membership statistics of every state in the U.S.

    and every country where the church is established.
  • Details and photos of each of the 130 operating

    temples, including excerpts from each dedicatory prayer.

  • Detailed maps of each area of the church with

    corresponding membership statistics.

  • Major events chronicled in each year since the church's organization.

Two major historical sections document the growth

of the church in each state in the U.S., and in each country, making it

possible for every member to know something about the beginning of the church in his or her area.The almanac is available from Deseret Book, both in stores and on deseretbook.com.

The LDS Church News is an official publication of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is published weekly by The Deseret News.