The Utah Transit Authority Board of Trustees voted Monday to extend a contract for the union that represents 1,300 bus and train operators, maintenance and parts crew while a new agreement is negotiated.

The three-year contract under which the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 382 works was due to expire Thursday. On Monday, UTA trustees voted to extend the contract through Dec. 21 on condition that the union vote on the proposed new contract by Dec. 18, UTA spokesman Gerry Carpenter said.

Neither Carpenter nor union president Rod Dunn would discuss contract details Monday.

Collective bargaining agreements typically address pay, overtime, seniority, health insurance, retiree benefits and other employment issues.

Next year, UTA will have to shave $6.5 million from its budget, and for non-union employees, that means no pay raises, increased health insurance premiums, and cuts in retirement contributions and bonuses for executives, according to the agency's 2010 budget, which UTA trustees will vote on Dec. 16.

— Laura Hancock