The BCS is being the BCS again. They're saying, "So, they think both Boise and TCU belong in a BCS bowl? We'll show them, we'll just send 'em out West to play each other." Come on. The SEC doesn't want to get embarrassed again this year (remember the Alabama and Utah Sugar Bowl last year).

Boise State? Undefeated and ranked sixth? They should be playing Cincinnati or one of the other automatic qualifiers for a BCS bowl. If two "at-large" teams play one another, it is impossible for any of the champions from the automatic-qualifying conferences to lose to a TCU or a Boise State. Apparently the BCS has realized the emperor has no clothes.

Here is the solution. Add Boise State to the Mountain West Conference and terminate the contract with The mtn. network. Begin playing on ESPN again. Then either eliminate the BCS system or allow the Mountain West Conference to receive an automatic bid.

Mike Haddon