Tuesday, Dec. 8Tabernacle attack: \"(January 16, 1938) seemed like such a normal Sunday on Temple Square ... until four men showed up with gasoline\" to literally put \"The Tabernacle under Attack.\" And one courageous Tabernacle doorkeeper helped avert this near-disaster. Teaching OD2: Armed with hours of preparation and study, this blogger undertook to teach \"About the Priesthood Ban and Official Declaration 2 in Sunday School\" and not only taught and testified, but didn't even notice \"the strong spirit that was present until the volunteer for the closing prayer mentioned it in the prayer. Indeed, it was there.\" Click to read his fascinating insights and clarifications into the history behind Official Declaration 2.Celebrating Advent: You may know about the advent calendars with chocolates that countdown to Christmas , but do you know the history behind \"The Advent Season\"? Let BYU professor Eric D. Huntsman teach you about where the term comes from, the history behind it, traditions surrounding it and how to celebrate Advent. He explains that \"for LDS families, Advent can be adapted by reading not only from the Old Testament and New Testament but also from the Book of Mormon and Pearl of Great Price. While not all families may wish to observe such Advent customs, spending time with the scriptures and enjoying beautiful music on the Sundays of Advent can be uplifting and provide meaningful reflection on the season.\"