Faculty members at Utah Valley University are being encouraged to promote themselves, specifically with their own published works and other research.

A new Web-based program gives them a space to post more than just a quick statement about themselves. With the new program, they can post as much information as they want, said UVU Web Resources director Anne Arendt.

Arendt was among the first of faculty and staff to set up a page on the Scholars' Open Archive, and has included a few papers and her curriculum vitae, an extended resume typically used in academia. She said the program was flexible enough for her to make an individualized page for people to search.

"It's free to faculty and staff and it can handle all sorts of media formats from papers to PowerPoints, as well as audio and visual presentations," said UVU Library Archivist Catherine McIntyre, who is managing the system through the library.

The archive lets faculty and staff post their published, pre-published or other works they find interesting on a database that will also be accessible to co-workers and indexed by search engines such as Google.

"It's going to be seen in a positive light as a centralized, professional-looking site to showcase research, and could be useful for retention, tenure and promotion purposes," McIntyre said.

Copyrights and ownership of various works are not affected by posting to a personalized site. UVU doesn't assume any of the rights to the documents, it's just like having "a big vitae" online, Arendt said.

The online service, which is used by more than 60 institutions around the country, has about 160,000 papers posted in its searchable database. Though only a few dozen individuals from UVU have started a page so far, McIntyre said she's planning to make the rounds of department meetings and place information in campus notifications to raise awareness about the fledgling opportunity. She'll even be offering tutorials to employees who might be anxious about getting started, and said, "If I can do it, anybody can do it."

Pages of UVU faculty can be found online at www.uvu.edu/library/openarchive.html.

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