The Mountain West Conference and the SEC lead a poll of college football fans who believe stadiums should not sell alcoholic beverages at games, according to Sports Illustrated.

The largest number of "yes" votes, 65.0 percent came from the Big East.

Said Sports Illustrated:

"The greatest number of responses in that conference came from BYU fans. BYU is run by the Mormon church, which discourages its followers from drinking caffeine, much less alcohol. But why would so many Big 12, Big Ten and SEC fans thumb their noses at social lubricants? Presumably, because they are drinking their fill before they go into the stadium.

"While Big East fans were lukewarm about the tailgating scene at their schools, the vast majority of Big 12, Big Ten and SEC fans rated their tailgate scene as "strong" or "Olympian." Texas, Penn State and LSU fans were most proud of their tailgating, and rightfully so."

The poll also asked about interest in recruiting news and other issues related to college football.

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