Years after his last flight piloting his "Mormon Mustang," 90-year-old retired Brigadier General Roland R. Wright headed for the clouds and an aerial view of the farm hills and temple in Rexburg, Idaho, on Oct. 23. Brother Wright, who has flown P-51 Mustang planes in three separate wars, gladly accepted the invitation for another chance to fly in the restored plane.

"I had over 2,000 flying hours in that plane," Brother Wright said. "The engine had it's own sound and everyone that knows it knows you can't get enough of it."

Four planes flew that fall day over Rexburg, but the plane carrying Wright has significance because of the inscription on the side of the plane. "Mormon Mustang" it reads, just as it read on Wright's first plane flown in World War II.

"I was always really proud and glad to tell others what I was," Wright said. "I felt that I was doing what I wanted to do and bringing the Church out of obscurity."

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