Since radio lacks a visual dimension, DJs are always eager to make public appearances and do live broadcasts outside the studio.

That way, fans and the public can "see" the radio medium.

Stations have expanded that "visual dimension" by creating Web sites. Now many are going a step further by using Facebook and Twitter.

Want a close up look at your favorite radio station, DJ or radio personality?

Facebook and Twitter offer lots of new options.

For example, KXRK ("X-96") has more than 3,400 friends on its Facebook page. The "Radio From Hell" morning show page has more than 1,150 members.

Todd and Erin, morning personalities on KBEE (FM-98.7) have a Facebook and a Twitter site, with more than 300 followers.

"Mick and Allen," afternoon hosts on KBER, also have a Facebook page with more than 650 friends.

KSFI ("FM100") is on Facebook, too, with almost 500 fans. Program director Bill West even has his own page.

That is just a sampling of what's out there. Is all this Web stuff entertaining? Yes. (Just look at the photos posted on the "Radio From Hell" Facebook page.)

How about informative? It can be.

For example, when KSOP's general manager died last month, I was able to confirm it quickly because it was posted on the station's Facebook page.

RADIO HAPPENINGS — KOSY (FM-106.5) is already promoting its annual all-Christmas music programming, which is coming soon. The station is also planning an event this season that will put some school choirs on the air.

— The "Z-Morning Zoo" is sponsoring a cruise through Morris Murdock Travel to Baja on Jan. 22-25, 2010. DJs Frankie, Dangerboy and Jessica will all be going. Go to for more details.

— Radio and newspaper are commonly portrayed as bitter rivals as far as advertising revenue goes. However, Inside Radio recently reported that more than six months after the Rocky Mountain News called it quits, Denver area radio stations have yet to see any windfall in advertising.

— In your ultimate case of a radio contest gone bad, a 12-member jury in Sacramento ordered Entercom to pay the family of a woman who died in a KDND radio stunt more than $16 million.