East Hollywood High

East Hollywood High School presents "William Shakespeare's Macbeth," a filmed production of the classic play, Nov. 10 at the Tower Theatre, 876 E. 900 South.

According to Brandon Arnold, a film production instructor who wrote and directed the adaptation, the feature is "a quality production."

And aside from Arnold, the cast and crew of the film is made up solely of students from the charter school, which has a strong emphasis on film, television and video production.

Arnold says the goal was to "cleverly make a good-looking product with limited locations and resources."

The film is unrated, though like the original version, it may contain some strong violent content and imagery.

Tickets for the screening, which starts at 7 p.m., are $5, and will be available at the door.

A mock "trailer" for the film can be found at www.vimeo.com/6004082. For more information on the screening, call 801-886-8181.

— Jeff Vice