AMERICAN FORK — Four teens were cited for disorderly conduct Tuesday after rapping in a McDonald's drive-through.

The teens from Highland and Alpine were told to repeat their order the first time they did the rap, which they had seen on YouTube, according to American Fork Police Sgt. Gregg Ludlow.

After a second rendition an employee still could not understand, they were told to order normally or leave, Ludlow said.

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They then "exchanged words" with a manager who came out to speak with them, "used profanity toward her" and drove off, he said.

"The rapping wasn't the issue," Ludlow said. "It was their refusal to leave and disruption of the business that caused them to be cited for disorderly conduct."

The manager wrote down the vehicle's license plate number and called police, who located the group at Lone Peak High School.

Spencer Dauwalder, 18, of Alpine, told KSL he and his friends were "just teenagers out having fun." His mother said the teens' parents plan to fight the citations.

— Paul Koepp