DVD cover of "Something for Joey"

Q: I have been trying to locate a movie which I believe was made for TV called "Something for Joey." It is the story of John Cappelletti, the Penn State running back who won the Heisman Trophy in 1973, and his relationship with his younger brother Joey, who was dying of leukemia. Is it available anywhere?

A: The TV movie originally aired in 1977 and starred Marc Singer as John and Jeff Lynas as Joey. Joey died in 1976. The movie is for sale on DVD only through John's Web site, www.johncappelletti73heisman.com. I have seen old VHS tapes for sale elsewhere, such as on Amazon.com.

Q: I really miss "Party Down" with my favorite guys and gals. Will it return to TV?

A: Yes. Starz has ordered a second season of the very funny ensemble comedy, about a Hollywood catering crew full of people with show-business ambitions. It is tentatively scheduled to return in April 2010. But there will be changes. Jane Lynch has left the series for her regular role on "Glee," and "Will & Grace's" Megan Mullally has joined the "Party Down" crew.

Q: I recently watched the movie "Dirty Dancing" as a tribute to Patrick Swayze. What ever happened to Jennifer Grey? Was she in any other movies?

A: Grey, who played Frances "Baby" Houseman in the movie, has continued to appear in movies and on TV, though never with the success that she had in "Dirty Dancing." Besides being in movies like "Bloodhounds of Broadway," she played herself in the TV series "It's Like, You Know" and was in the HBO series "John From Cincinnati." The daughter of Oscar-winning actor Joel Grey, she also gained attention with a post-"Dancing" nose job, but it only served to set her apart from her look in her most famous role.

Q: I loved the series "Kings" last season and have eagerly waited for a continuation. What happened? A lot of people said they never saw it or heard about it — but once you got into it, you couldn't wait for the next show. Please tell me they haven't canceled it!

A: Sorry, can't tell you that. The show is done, and "Kings: The Complete Series" was released on DVD on Tuesday.

Q: For a little over a year, I have been searching for Volume Two of "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors." It doesn't appear to be available. I very much want to complete my collection of this animated series. Is there a chance you would know where I could buy it?

A: Shout! Factory, which released the first volume in 2008, has not scheduled a release of a second volume. It appears the first did not sell as well as hoped.