Cleanup efforts and the distribution of relief supplies continue to be provided in the flood-ravaged Philippines by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Saturday's arrival of tropical storm Ketsana in the Philippines resulted in the heaviest rainfall reported in that country in 40 years and triggered significant flooding.

Of the 140 confirmed fatalities in the Philippines, 12 were identified as LDS Church members, with more among the others still missing and the total number of church members affected by the flooding still being assessed.

All LDS missionaries in the flooded area are safe and accounted for.

The church has provided food, water, clothing, hygiene items and other relief supplies, purchasing them locally and distributing them in the affected areas. Also, church members in the Philippines' nonaffected areas are mobilizing to donate clothing and bedding.

Local church members and missionaries are assisting with cleanup efforts.

Initial assessment by LDS leaders has 15 church meetinghouses suffering water damage; others are yet to be assessed.

— Scott Taylor