The Buju Banton concert scheduled at the Urban Lounge on Oct. 8 has been canceled.

Urban Partners Inc., the company that books the shows for the Urban Lounge and Kilby Court, axed the show after it was brought to their attention that gay organizations consider Banton's lyrics homophobic.

"When initially scheduling the Buju Banton event, we were unaware of his hateful anti-gay message," Urban Partners said in a statement. "Upon further review, Urban Lounge has decided to cancel the event."

An example of Banton's anti-gay messages appear in a few of his songs, where he calls for the execution and maiming of members of the gay and lesbian public, said Ash Johnsdottir, who organized the protest to cancel the show. Johnsdottir called Banton's music "murder music" and singled out the song "Boom Boom Bye," which uses a Jamaican slur for gays and urges listeners to use uzis on them.

Banton has been criticized by gays and lesbians for some time. In 2004, six men were assaulted for their sexual preference in Jamaica. Banton was one of the apparent attackers, according to court documents. He was later acquitted.

This isn't the first time Banton has been banned from a concert. LiveNation and AEG Live, two of the biggest concert producers in the country, have canceled Banton's U.S. performances, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Urban Partners said it canceled the Urban Lounge show based on "moral grounds."

"We strive for peace and understanding in our community," the release read. "We support the rights of all."