PROVO — Some observant bystanders saved a 16-month-old from serious injury after the child was hit by a car Saturday afternoon, police said.

About 1:36 p.m. at 1123 W. 300 North, the homeowner began to back out of the driveway, unaware of the child's presence behind the vehicle, said Provo police officer Robert Patrick. Patrick said the vehicle struck the child, and the child was trapped under the vehicle, but the child was not run over by the vehicle's tires.

He said a group of people nearby saw what was happening and were able to alert the driver. The driver stopped, and the bystanders were able to lift the vehicle off the child, Patrick said.

Police said that the child was immediately transported to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. The child's injuries were minor, consisting mostly of bruises and scrapes, Patrick said.

"It could have been much different, but it turned out well today," Patrick said.

— Emiley Morgan