BYU researchers are interested in talking to individuals who had an American Indian foster child in their home as part of the LDS Church's Placement Program.The Charles Redd Center for Western Studies at BYU will be conducting oral history interviews with and collecting survey data from host family members to help completely document the history of the Indian Placement Program, established in the late 1940s. The purpose of this study will be to look at the impact on the host families: the foster parents and their children.Individuals willing to participate are asked to contact Jessie L. Embry, associate director, Charles Redd Center; her e-mail address is, telephone 801-422-7585, or mailing address 366 SWKT, BYU, Provo, UT 84602.Where distance permits, student interviewers will come to an individual's home and talk about his or her experiences with the Placement Program. Those who live farther away can participate through an e-mail or mailed questionnaire.