Utah lawyer Paul Tsosie has been named the chief of staff to Larry EchoHawk, the assistant secretary of Interior for Indian Affairs.

Tsosie, a Navajo, was co-founder of the law practice of Tsosie & Hatch, a firm that focuses on Indian law. He has represented several Indian tribes in Utah and Nevada and has practiced criminal law as both a prosecutor and defender in various state, federal and tribal courts.

Tsosie has also worked as a lobbyist for the Navajo Nation on tribal-state matters and as a paralegal teacher for the Utah Career College.

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Tsosie holds a bachelor's degree in history, a master's degree in public administration and a law degree, all from Brigham Young University.

EchoHawk, who was a BYU law professor, announced Tsosie's appointment on Friday at the same time he also announced two other appointments: Wizipan Garriott, a Sioux, as policy adviser; and Tracie Stevens, a member of the Tulalip tribes, as a senior adviser.

EchoHawk said, "The knowledge, experience and abilities they bring to Indian Affairs will ensure that we can meet our priorities to protect Indian country, advance Indian education and empower tribal communities."

— Lee Davidson