For the past 19 years, Lloyd D. Newell has introduced the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to audiences in the Tabernacle on Temple Square, in the Conference Center and on stages at various concert venues in many states and nations.

His is the voice that provides the narration for the choir's weekly network broadcast of \"Music and the Spoken Word.\" On concert tours, his announcements give audiences a personalized glimpse into the lives of members of the choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. On the concert tour from June 18 to 30, for example, his narration included interesting bits of information, such as the last time the choir had been to a particular city or state and which members of the choir and orchestra had ties to the areas in which the concerts were being held.

On July 19, when the choir commemorated the 80th anniversary of its weekly broadcast, Newell was on hand to announce the program. An interesting fact is that in its eight decades of broadcast history, \"Music and the Spoken Word\" has had just three announcers: Elder Richard L. Evans, (1930-1971); J. Spencer Kinard (1971-1990) and  Newell, who began announcing in 1990.

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