What media outlets are saying about the Boozer situation

Some of Friday's Carlos Boozer trade talk rumors from around the Web:

 From the New York Daily News: "Another possible destination for Boozer could be Chicago, especially if the Bulls are willing to trade guard Kirk Hinrich, whom coach Jerry Sloan is said to favor."

 From Bulls.com: "I know many in the Bulls community are screaming for the team to 'Do something!' As if that will change much. You give up Hinrich and Tyrus (Thomas) and I don't see how Boozer is better. Their scoring is at least what Boozer's is. And they are both better defenders."

 From the Chicago Tribune: "With most of the league fixated on Utah matching Portland's offer sheet to Paul Millsap, thus making Boozer eminently tradable, the Bulls were one of many teams that quietly worked out (Charlotte) power forward Sean May in Las Vegas.

"The workout proves that while the Bulls may be in rumors surrounding Boozer, they also are checking cheaper options to provide frontcourt depth that wouldn't disrupt their core."

 From the South Florida Sun-Sentinel: "In a session limited to season-ticket holders and closed to the media, (Heat president Pat) Riley) ... said the team could acquire (Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar) Odom, Boozer or both and still put itself in position to be a major player in 2010 free agency. ... Riley told Thursday's private gathering that should Odom or Boozer be added this summer, the team still could add a top-tier free agent by 'shifting some stuff around.' ... While it is a long shot, Odom could be fit into the Heat's mid-level exception and Udonis Haslem could be the linchpin of a Boozer deal. Again, the odds are against either move, with the Lakers looking to keep Odom and the Jazz seeking to maximize their options in a Boozer deal."

 From the Miami Herald: "The easier portion of the proposal is to acquire Boozer from the Jazz. ... (On a side note, that trade would be something of a slap in the face to Haslem, because he always has considered himself the equal of Boozer but with far less scoring opportunities). ... At 27, Boozer still has a handful of quality years ahead of him, if you assume his injury history is as freakish as he claims and not some disconcerting pattern."

 From the New York Post: "Donnie (Walsh) is well aware 2010 will be no breeze. (The) Knicks president has said a few times this summer how the (collective bargaining agreement) favors the team the free agent plays for. Cleveland can offer LeBron (James) six years. The Knicks can offer LeBron five years.

"That sixth year is over $24M. And don't you think the Knicks are going to be used just as much in 2010 as they were with Grant Hill and Jason Kidd? Andre Miller is using them now. LeBron has used the Knicks for months, making sure the Cavaliers do the right thing, knowing NYC could be on the horizon. So Boozer, a low-post star, is insurance if they can't get anyone better. Boozer is better than (David) Lee. Boozer is an All-Star, a 20 and 12 guy who's been on winning teams in Utah. High maintenance? Sure. But better than anything they got."

— Compiled by Tim Buckley