Mike Terry, Deseret News
Carlos Boozer as the Utah Jazz host the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 3 at the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City on Thursday, April 23, 2009.

Though a deal with Chicago or Miami seems likeliest if one is to be made soon, all sorts of Carlos Boozer trade talk and rumors are circulating. Here's a roundup of some:

From Yahoo.com: "Portland is still trying to pry Tayshaun Prince out of Detroit in a three-way deal with Utah, but Pistons president Joe Dumars hasn't shown an inclination to move Prince and extend Boozer's contract, league sources say. Several league executives are dubious of Boozer as a $14 million-a-year player, which his agent, Rob Pelinka, has told teams it will take to sign him to an extension. Miami could be the suitor willing to pay it."

From the Chicago Sun-Times: "Should the Miami deal fail to land Boozer, the Jazz may take another run at trying to get the Bulls interested."

From Chicago Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro, on NBA.com "We're not only looking at (a possible Boozer deal), but also a lot of other things try to make us better."

From Bulls.com: "The issues with Boozer are more complicated because of his past. He has been saying he'd sign an extension with the new team if he is traded. But he also told the Cavs if they allowed him to become a free agent on a technicality for a day or two so he could make more money from them he'd re-sign. When they did it, he jumped to the Jazz. Could you ever trust him? And how much would it be worth to give up to get him given that history? "Although the Bulls are always mentioned now prominently in Boozer rumors, the odds of a deal seem small to me."

From MLive.com: "Portland is one of the many teams that Detroit has had talks with in recent weeks. I talked with (Pistons general manager Joe Dumars (Wednesday), and he indicated that there are no deals on the table right now. He added that could change, but didn't anticipate anything shaking down anytime soon.

"Any trade Detroit does now, would have to bring back a big man. … And despite all the reports you've read, Detroit isn't actively pursuing a deal for Boozer. (But) they're monitoring the situation, obviously.

From ESPN.com: "If the Jazz can't complete a three-team deal involving one of the few teams possessing cap space when they ultimately move Boozer, they'll either be trying to work with a team that has a good-sized trade exception (Miami, New Jersey and Denver all qualify) or looking for a conventional trade that includes a contract like those possessed by (Phoenix's) Sasha Pavlovic or (Dallas') Greg Buckner.

"Only $1.5 million of Pavlovic's $5 million contract next season is guaranteed. Only $1 million of Buckner's $4.1 million deal is owed, with the stipulation that he be waived Nov. 30.

"These options, though, are just concepts for now.

"The Suns are not in the Boozer market at all, and the Mavs' interest is tepid at best."

From the New York Post: "(Knicks basketball boss Donnie) Walsh said he still is trying to be a player in the Boozer sweepstakes — with the inclusion of David Lee in a sign-and-trade a key to any deal.

"The (New Jersey) Nets' roster is swollen with 15 contracts, and though players such as Boozer are being shopped, the Nets — (previously reported by the Post to be a possible new team for Boozer) — are not in the running."

— Compiled by Tim Buckley