Disappointed there isn't smooth jazz available on the radio dial?

You might want to check into HD2 radio to fill the void.

KBZN radio (FM-97.9) abandoned its longtime smooth jazz format and moved to a "today's best music" format (excluding hard rock and rap) earlier this year.

But KJMY (FM-99.5) and its HD2 subchannel offers a smooth jazz format.

HD2 radio piggybacks on existing digital audio frequencies. There are already more than a dozen of these substations — and 40 HD stations available in Utah.

There are two ways to receive an HD signal and the HD2 sub-signal — go to the Internet or buy a special HD radio receiver

KJMY's smooth jazz can be found at www.utahsmoothjazz.com/main.html; click on the "listen live" option.

To receive HD or HD2 radio you have to purchase a special receiver. A receiver for your car starts at about $100. Once you have a receiver, there is no additional cost or subscription required. There are also home and portable HD radios available for purchase, too.

For some, HD2 radio is a less expensive option to enjoy the variety that satellite radio offers — everything from classical to classic alternative to the Mormon Channel to country music.

HD Radio is the trademark for iBiquity's technology. To learn more about it, log on to www.hdradio.com

RADIO HAPPENINGS: "Frankie, Dangerboy and Jessica," morning hosts of KZHT (FM-97.1), are planning a three-day cruise this winter and are inviting listeners to go along. The DJs will sail Jan. 22, 2010. For details go to: www.971zht.com.

KBYU (FM-88.1/89.5) will air the annual First Presidency Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert, featuring The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, July 18, 7 p.m. (The concert will be presented in the Conference Center.)

SHRINKING SALARIES: According to Inside Radio, the salaries for radio and TV news employees have decreased for the first time in 15 years. The average drop was 1.8 percent.