After six studio albums and an extended play CD, Incubus finally released a greatest hits compilation.

"Monuments and Melodies," a two-disc set, was released on March 11, and drummer Jose Pasillas said the time was right.

"That and the fact that it was a contractual obligation to do it," Pasillas said with a laugh from a phone call from his home in California. "But it was time."

In addition to the CD, the band also had the idea to reward their fans by creating "The Vault" on their Web site (www.enjoyincubus.com).

"The Vault" is filled with digital downloads and 500-plus other goodies that have highlighted the band's career, Pasillas said. Access to "The Vault" can be obtained through a code that is included in the packaging of "Monuments and Melodies."

"It was fun sifting through all the videos, music, items that we had," Pasillas said. "It was a way for us to do something special for our fans."

Pasillas said he, along with lead vocalist Brandon Boyd, guitarist Mike Einzinger, bassist Ben Kenney (who joined in 2003) and DJ Chris Kilmore, are looking forward to coming back to Utah.

The last time the band played here was at the USANA Amphitheatre in 2007.

"We have a good time in Utah," Pasillas said.

Pasillas started playing drums when he was 15.

"It was a natural thing for me," he said. "I remember before I started playing that I used to hear my neighbor play late at night.

"It would drive my parents and the other neighbors crazy, but I thought it was cool, and I'd listen to him."

He, Einzinger and Boyd started playing together in high school. When they graduated, they got their recording deal.

"It was funny because we had all these little goals," Pasillas said. "We would write a few songs and then play them for friends. And then write a few more songs and play them for friends. And it just went from there."

 Guitarist Toby Butler said his bandmates in The Duke Spirit, who will be opening up for Incubus, knows the audience will be there for the headliners.

"We know that most of the people in the audience will not know who we are," said the English-bred Butler during a phone call from Santa Monica, Calif. "We're playing live shows to introduce ourselves to people. And the Incubus guys are giving us a chance."

The Duke Spirit — Butler, vocalist Liela Moss, guitarist Luke Ford, drummer Olly Betts and touring bassist Marc Sallis — formed in England out of the ashes of a band called Solomon, which featured Butler, Moss and Ford.

"We didn't do much but play live shows," Butler said. "And when the band ended, the three of us sat down and discussed what bands we liked. And what bands we wanted to be like."

The Clash, the Damned and the Sex Pistols came to mind. After that discussion, the three musicians formed The Duke Spirit.

Betts rounded out the line-up and the band made a name for itself by playing anytime and anywhere, opening up for everyone from R.E.M., to Duran Duran and Eagles of Death Metal, to name a few.

In 2005, The Duke Spirit released its debut CD, "Cuts Across the Land," which reached No. 40 on the United Kingdom music charts. In 2008, the band followed up with "Neptune."

"We took a while to do 'Neptune' because we changed record labels in the middle of the process," Butler said. "We took some time off to write and demo and came up with the album."

Currently, The Duke Spirit have completed writing songs from the new album, but are putting it on the back burner while it's on the Incubus tour.

"This tour is a long tour," Butler said. "And after it's done, we'll go into the studio and demo and eventually record.

"We're itching to play some of the new songs and we may throw them into the set during the tour."

If you go...

What: Incubus

Where: USANA Amphitheatre, 5400 West and 6200 South

When: July 16, 7:30 p.m.

How much: $29-$59

Phone: 801-467-8499, 800-888-8499

Web: www.smithstix.com