MAITLAND, Fla. — Kevin O'Connor is not happy with Kyrylo Fesenko's absence at the Orlando Pro Summer League.

Fesenko, the Utah Jazz's 2007 second-round pick, is not with the team in Orlando. Instead of playing with the summer league team, he's going to be playing with the Ukrainian National Team. And though the Jazz respect his decision to play for his country, there is some disappointment that the 22-year-old center isn't working out with the team.

"It bothers me that he's not here," said O'Connor, Utah's general manager and executive vice president of basketball operations. "We can't make him come. I think he can learn from this. I think this will be a great venue for him. But for some reason, he said he wanted to stay there and work out with his own individual trainer. I disagree with what he did."

O'Connor acknowledged Fesenko can play the game, but will be looking for him to prove himself when he returns to the Jazz camp this fall.

"He's a 7-footer with some skills," he said. "We've got him under contract for next year, but he's got to prove some things."

JAZZ OK WITH GORAN SUTON PLAYING FOR CROATIA: Goran Suton acknowledged Tuesday that he will consider playing with the Croatian National Team. It doesn't seem as if the Jazz will have a problem with the 23-year-old forward's participation if he decides to play.

"As long as he's with us when we need him to be, as far as playing with another team," O'Connor said. "Like Jerry (Sloan) said: How in the hell can you get tired at 22 or 23."

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JAZZ RECOGNIZE THAT THE NBA ISN'T RECESSION PROOF: The news of the NBA salary cap sent shock waves through the league when Commissioner David Stern announced the 2009-10 NBA salary cap numbers. Most teams will have to make adjustments, but it doesn't seem as if the Jazz are worried.

"We're not immune to the economy; we're not in our little glass bubble," O'Connor said. "We've got to accept what it is and understand that there are cuts made internally, there are layoffs made internally; it's going to affect everybody. Players can't have a free ride on this. The ownership can't have a free ride on this, and the coaches and all of us can't have a free ride. We have to experience it and deal with it."