We should be ashamed. If we weren't part of the clamor to "crucify! crucify!" we stood by and let it happen. We should be so ashamed, but we have no shame. No, we don't know why Sarah Palin quit. She told us why, but we expect politicians to lie to us. Surely there must be some dark, devious reason — some way to twist this to her own advantage.

Sarah Palin was a breath of fresh air in the sewer that is national politics. We sicced the media on her. While they sifted her garbage, looked under her bed, peeked in her windows and made up lies, we stood by rubbing our hands with glee.

I don't think Palin will be back. She knows now that we don't want an honest, capable leader. We'd rather search the big-city gutters for someone to lead us gently into bondage.

George Hawkins