A reader recently asked, "How can I watch the Salt Lake Bees on TV?"

Well, you can't. The team has nothing in place to telecast games locally on either over-the-air, cable or satellite channels.

You can, however, watch some games on your computer. The Bees are linked to MiLB.com, which carries hundreds of games from dozens of minor-league teams across the country.

It's not particularly expensive, as these things go. It's $29.95 for the entire baseball season, or $6.95 a month.

But there aren't all that many Bees games on MiLB.com, either. After this weekend's series at Sacramento (which includes games today, Saturday and Sunday), there are only eight more games scheduled on the service. That's four more games at Sacramento (July 28-31) and four games at Oklahoma City (Aug. 14-17).

If you really like minor league baseball, there are a whole lot of games to see on MiLB.com. If you really like the Salt Lake Bees, not so many. Whether you want to pay a few bucks to watch the Bees play a few games on an Internet feed is up to you.

Or you can always listen to Steve Klauke, who does a great job as the radio voice of the Bees, on KJQS-AM 1230 (aka ESPN Radio).

I HAD A VOICE MAIL message a while back from John Shrader.

Yeah, I had to look that one up myself because I had no idea who John Shrader was. Turns out he's the San Jose Earthquakes' play-by-play guy who I ripped in a column a couple of weeks ago.

Not surprisingly, he wasn't happy that I had written unfavorably about him. I certainly never expected him to agree with my comments.

And, after hearing the main reason he said he'd called, I didn't exactly feel bad about my harsh critique. Shrader was unhappy that I didn't call him and get his side of the story before I wrote my column.

Geez, has the guy never read a newspaper before? He's in the media and yet completely unfamiliar with how this works?

I am not a reporter. I write an opinion column. My opinion. I think I'm fair, but my job is not to tell you why something is good or bad and then offer contrasting opinions.

If it makes Shrader feel any better, I don't call actors whose performances I pan before I print those reviews, either. Duh.

Do Shrader and the "analyst" he shares the broadcast booth with, Troy Dayak, check with the players on the field before they critique their performance? Of course not. I'm only guessing, but I think they'd say that was a stupid idea.

Do the people who write nasty comments about my columns on our Web site check with me first? Of course not.

Geez, get over yourself.

(And, Mr. Shrader, I would have returned your call if I hadn't inadvertently deleted your voice mail. Sorry. My bad.)

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