Back in 2006, Attorney General Mark Shurtleff addressed a rally of thousands of illegal immigrants. "Many of my fellow Republicans will criticize me for being here," he said. "They'll tell me instead of speaking to you, that as the chief law enforcement [officer] of Utah I should be arresting you. [That's] not going to happen."

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Of course, it's not going to happen. The attorney general only enforces the law when he feels like it.

In the recent case of accused Ponzi scheme master Rick Koerber, Shurtleff decided it was better to meet Koerber for breakfast than to actually pursue the investigation. Koerber is now under indictment from federal investigators as a result of the same evidence that Shurtleff insisted "just wasn't there."

Now Shurtleff wants to become a U.S. senator. Why should Utah let him make laws that he's unwilling to enforce?

Jason Bringhurst

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