Bear Lake — Fishing is still very good for cutthroat trout. The average-sized fish has been about 3 pounds, with some fish heavier than 10 pounds. Best success is found trolling from a boat and using Rapala X-raps or other similar lures with rattles. Hot spots have been along the west side, from the Utah State Park marina north to Fish Haven, Idaho. Jigging has been slow, but anglers are catching a few fish using tube jigs tipped with cisco meat in about 60 feet of water. As the water continues to warm, try trolling at faster speeds near the surface.

East Canyon — Fishing has been better earlier in the morning, and then it seems to get spotty as the day warms up. Best success is found fishing with gold and brass lures.

Echo — Lake is full, and anglers are having good success fishing for bass at the edge of submerged vegetation using shad-colored crankbaits and brightly colored Rapalas. Anglers have had fair success fishing for trout from shore using PowerBait. The trout are between 8 and 15 inches long.

Farmington Pond — Anglers are having the best success using salmon eggs under a bobber. The bite is light, so be quick to set the hook.

Hyrum — Fishing is improving. Anglers generally use a worm or a worm-and-marshmallow combination to catch one or two trout per outing. Bass fishing is also starting to improve.

Kaysville — Fish are between 8 and 10 inches, with occasionally one closer to 20 inches. The angler used worms and marshmallows about 2 feet off the bottom, and PowerBait.

Mantua — Bass fishing improving as spawning activity increases.

Pineview — Anglers reported very slow fishing.

Rockport — Most boat anglers are catching their limits of nice rainbows. Pop gear and worms, Rapalas and other standard lures seem to be doing the trick. Bank anglers are also catching fish. It seems like the grassy areas that gradually get deeper are the better spots. Rocky shoreline areas are also producing some nice brown trout. PowerBait and worm-and-marshmallow combinations are working well. Float-tubers are catching nice trout at the south end of the lake by trolling woolly buggers and other wet flies.

Willard Bay — Anglers are catching some wipers trolling one-quarter ounce Rattletraps more than 100 feet behind the boat.

Burraston Pond — Many of the recently-stocked trout are in the clear water of the ponds.

Deer Creek — Anglers are having slow to fair success from the shoreline and fair success from boats, with morning being the best time to fish.

Grantsville — The reservoir was just stocked. Most anglers are using traditional baits and lures.

Jordanelle — Boat anglers report fair success for trout and smallmouth bass. Shore anglers are also reporting fair success. Find the smallmouth bass near submerged structures and rocky points. Action lures and jigs work best for the bass.

Salem Pond — The pond is well-stocked with trout, including some larger albino and rainbows.

Strawberry — The hot success on Strawberry only lasted a few days. Angler success dipped for a while, but it's quickly picking up, and anglers are reporting good success again. Try casting pointer minnows toward the shoreline. Bait anglers are having success with leech or wooly-bugger patterns from tubes or boats. If using bait and a fish swallows the hook, remember to cut the fishing line rather than trying to save the hook.

Utah Lake — Fair to good success for channel catfish and for white bass. The tributaries are now open.

Vivian Park Pond — The pond was recently stocked. This is a good location for kids. It's located in Provo Canyon and has a playground and restroom facilities.

Willow Pond (Murray)— The pond was recently stocked. Anglers report good success with traditional techniques.

Yuba — Though success is slow, gillnetting surveys found a number of large northern pike.

Brough — Success rates are ranging from fair to good. The water is stocked and managed as a trophy rainbow and brown trout fishery.

Browne — Anglers report good fishing. The gates to Browne and Sheep Creek are open, but the road to Spirit Lake remains closed.

Bullock — Anglers report excellent fishing for bullhead catfish.

Calder — Fair to good fishing, with some larger fish being taken from both the shore and boats.

Currant Creek — Anglers report good fishing.

Flaming Gorge — Lake trout: Good fishing for 12- to 24-inch lake trout in the Canyon, Antelope and Lucerne areas. Fishing for smaller lake trout should be good for the next couple of months. Fish are scattered from 50 to 120 feet, with most in the 80- to 100-foot range. Jigging: Try tube jigs in white, chartreuse, glow or brown. Tipping it with a small chunk of sucker or chub meat may increase interest. Kokanee salmon: Fair to good in Sheep Creek, Jarvies and other areas. Success rates will continue to pick up as the waters warm. Rainbow trout: Good fishing for rainbows. Boat and shore fishing have been good to excellent in the dam, Jarvies, Sheep Creek, Hideout and Antelope/Lucerne areas in Utah. Anglers are catching fish above 22 inches. If fishing from a boat, try casting fish imitation lures — like spoons or crankbaits — or jigs — like marabou or plastic grubs — to shore and letting them bounce on the bottom back to the boat. If shore fishing, try spoons, crankbaits or other lures, or use a bobber/worm combo set 4 or 5 feet below the surface. A PowerBait/marshmallow combination will also work on the bottom. Burbot: Find the most fish from dusk until a couple hours after dark at depths of 20–40 feet. Try fishing glowing jigs and spoons at night or early in the morning. Smallmouth bass: Smallmouth fishing is slow to fair, but is improving every day with warm weather. Try fishing the rocky areas.

Pelican — Weather has warmed up enough so anglers are catching bass and bluegill.

Red Fleet — Good to excellent fishing for rainbows. Bass anglers are also taking a few bass.

Starvation — Good fishing for walleye. Try bottom bouncing by keeping jig or crankbait on the bottom so that it stirs up sediment.

Steinaker — Good to excellent fishing for trout from the shore and boats. Bass fishing is also heating up. Bluegills are just starting to show up.

Cleveland — Good fishing for carry-over rainbows. For rainbow, PowerBait or a nightcrawler tipped with a salmon egg seemed to be effective.

Joes Valley — Catching some splake over 18 inches — the largest are about 3.5 pounds.

Hidden Lake — Great fishing action. Worms and salmon eggs seemed to work best for bait anglers. Small spinners such as the Jakes lure in silver and green worked best. Fly anglers have been using smaller patterns such as nymphs or small caterpillars.

Kens Lake — Good fishing. The best fishing occurs in the evening. Multiple colors of PowerBait have been working well. Worms, salmon eggs and small marshmallows are also effective.

Scofield — Fishing slow.

Baker — Catchable rainbows have been stocked, and fishing is fair to good in the morning and evening with bait and spinners.

Boulder Mountain — Anglers can access most areas of the mountain.

Enterprise — Fishing is good with any technique in the lower reservoir, but it's slower in the upper reservoir. Anglers are catching some larger rainbows — up to 18 inches — in the lower reservoir.

Fish Lake — Splake fishing is good to excellent. Anchor outside the weeds, and fish jigs or Kastmasters tipped with chub, sucker or perch meat in 15 to 30 feet of water. Anglers are catching a few rainbows near Twin Creek while trolling.

Gunlock — A limited number of adult bass and bluegill have been stocked, but it will take a few years for populations to fully re-establish.

Kolob — Rainbows and cutthroats are in shallow water trying to spawn, and anglers are finding success with streamer patterns and crawdad-imitating lures.

Minersville — Fishing for smallmouth bass is picking up as fish move into shallow water and get active. Reports of large bass have been received. Concentrate on rocky shorelines and points. Trout fishing is slow.

Newcastle — Fishing is good to excellent for small rainbows. Action for smallmouth is picking up.

Otter Creek — Catching some large fish recently. Shore anglers are still catching fish on the deeper shorelines.

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Panguitch — Rainbow and cutthroat trout are cruising in the shallows trying to spawn. Fishing is slow with bait and fair to good with flies. Concentrate on gravel shorelines and rocky points. Mornings and evenings are best.

Sand Hollow — Fishing for largemouth bass is good to excellent with plastics, crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Bluegill fishing is fast — schools are suspended in 15 to 20 feet of water, as well as in shallow water along the rocks.

Quail Lake — Some large bass are on spawning beds in the shallows.