Deron Williams doesn't know what to make of the latest Carlos Boozer rumors — and has no idea if the two-time NBA All-Star and fellow gold medal-winning United States Olympian will be with the Jazz when they open their 2009 preseason schedule with exhibition games in London and Madrid.

What Williams does know, though, is that he sure wouldn't mind having a say in what the team's roster will look like next season.

"If they (Jazz brass) reach out to me, if they need some information, I'd be happy to supply it," the Jazz's starting point guard said during a telephone conference call Tuesday from Spain, where he was promoting the Jazz's visit there in October.

The league on Tuesday announced that the second half of its NBA Europe Live Tour will have Utah play Spanish power Real Madrid, whose roster includes ex-Jazz point guard and first-round draft choice Raul Lopez, on Oct. 8.

The exhibition game at the Palacio de Deporte in Madrid will come two days after the Jazz's previously announced preseason game in London against the Chicago Bulls.

"You know, I'm never shy about voicing my opinion," Williams added. "They've just got to let me know if they need it."

When it comes to Boozer, though, Williams isn't certain what to think.

The Jazz's starting power forward can opt of the final season of his current contract by June 30, and on Sunday — in the latest installment of rumors regarding where he might play next season — the New York Post reported Boozer "apparently ... is telling confidants he's either going to Detroit to New Jersey" while the New York Daily News mentioned Toronto as a sign-and-trade possibility.

"I take the same stance — that a lot of things can happen from now until July, when signings can happen," Williams said when asked specifically about the most-recent Boozer talk.

"I'm not too worried about it. I mean, I'm sure it will work all of itself out," he added with broad reference to the Jazz's offseason, which will include opt-out decisions by Boozer, starting center Mehmet Okur and backup shooting guard Kyle Korver. "You know, there's a lot of options I think the organization can go in — and it's just too much to worry about at this time."

In other words, Williams isn't about to predict what the Jazz roster will look like when they head overseas.

"I have no clue," he said.

"So many things can happen. So many guys that can opt out, so many guys that we need to re-sign," Williams added. "The team can be totally it different, it can be pretty similar. It's just a matter of what direction the organization wants to go."

Williams, meanwhile, reported progress for the ankle he severely sprained last preseason — in another exhibition game against the Bulls.

"It's great," he said Tuesday. "After about a week and a half, I could already tell that my ankle was feeling better."

The Jazz's season ended with a first-round playoff loss to the Los Angeles Lakers just more than a month ago, and Williams has mostly rested the ankle since.

"I still haven't done any running or jumping on it," he said.

"The doc said a month or two months would be great to stay off it. I've been doing other activities. I can bike, I can swim, I can do stuff like that. Still lift weights. But (I) try not to do any pounding on it.

"It feels a lot better," Williams said. "During the season, pretty much every day of my life it hurt — even just walking around a city, or walking around my house, it hurt. So, it feels already 10 times better."