keith johnson, Deseret News
Murray mayor Dan Snarr officially names May 9th David Archuleta Day during a pep rally for the American Idol finalist at Murray High School May 9, 2008.

MURRAY (AP) — The voters had their say, and the mayor of the Salt Lake City suburb of Murray had his nearly foot-long handlebar whiskers clipped short for charity.

Dan Snarr's wife did the honors, leaving him with a short mustache after a clipping ceremony Saturday at a local Costco.

Residents voted 1,254 to 966 in favor of the mayor clipping the pointy ends of his waxed mustache.

The St. Louis-based American Mustache Institute posted a tongue-in-cheek eulogy for the mayor's 'stache on its Web site.

The organization contends that every time a mustache is shaved, an angel falls from heaven.

Residents had to pay $1 for each vote, and some contributed extra.

That means Snarr raised at least $2,220 for the Children's Miracle Network, which supports children's hospitals.