A Yorkie on the loose scampered along Scenic Avenue Road in Old Hickory, with Eric Call and Jason Osmond in hot pursuit.After a few failed attempts, the two young men in black pants, white shirts and ties, had the dog cornered and turned him over to his owner. She thanked them and walked away.Just another day in the life of a Mormon missionary.\"One day we're chasing down dogs, and the next we're digging ditches,\" said 19-year-old Osmond, whose dad, Jay, is one of the Osmond Brothers.Today, the two missionaries will join 500 other local members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in a community service effort. Volunteers will clean up trash along the Harpeth River, stock food at the Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee Food Bank and work at the Nashville Urban Harvest garden, along with dozens of other projects.