CoC historians: In a fascinating essay that uses an organizational schema of \"the priests (historians who work for the church), the Isaiahs (the faithful iconoclasts), the Jonahs (the disillusioned historians), and the Pauls (the converts)\" this blogger analyzes the Community of Christ Historians (Part One) and follows up with (Part Two). This is for anyone interested in Mormon history that isn't exactly LDS history.Mormon bride: One enterprising and creative young women leader took a contemporary bridal magazine and Mormon-ized it. The result is delightful: just for fun, my visual aid and includes a modest wedding dress, article titles such as \"Beauty Tips That Come From Virtue\" and \"1 Perfect Place to Say 'I Do.'\" Click to enjoy.First time: Sometimes I wonder what people think after going to church for the first time. Well here is a blog that describes exactly that: My First Time Going to LDS Church where he outlines his experience attending an \"Annual District Conference of Surabaya and Malang,\" which is in Indonesia, if you were curious. Very cool!