Ray Mickshaw, Fox
Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and Janis (Janeane Garofalo)

When you watch tonight's episode of "24," keep an eye on how two of the actors aren't keeping an eye on each other.

Computer whizzes Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and Janis (Janeane Garofalo) finally have their big confrontation in this week's episode (8 p.m., Fox/Ch. 13). And the two comedic actresses had a bit of trouble when they were on camera at the same time.

"We tried not to laugh when we were in scenes together," Rajskub said. "You may notice our eyeline is off because we can't look into each other's eyes."

Which is not to say that they didn't enjoy themselves.

"It was really fun and different to have a fellow comedienne around because I've known Janeane for years — since I moved to L.A.," Rajskub said. "And I replaced her on 'The Larry Sanders Show,' so it's sort of interesting that we're brought into each other's lives again."

(Garofalo played Paula, the talent booker, on the Garry Shandling comedy from 1992-97; Rajskub came aboard as assistant booker Mary Lou in 1996.)

And reuniting on "24" renewed an old friendship.

"We did live comedy shows together after being reacquainted through '24,' " Rajskub said.

THE REASON CHLOE disappeared in the middle of this season was because Rajskub needed some time off to give birth.

"I wanted to become more of a method actress, and so since they wrote my pregnancy on the show (last season) — that's how committed I am to my acting career that I decided to get pregnant as quickly as I could in real life," she joked.

Rajskub gave birth to son Valentine Anthony on July 24, 2008. (Production on the current season of "24" was interrupted by last year's writers' strike — about half the season was completed before the strike and the other half after the strike was resolved.)

Rajskub said that the show's producers were more than accommodating when it came to her pregnancy.

"I'm very, very lucky with my schedule on the show in general. I don't have to work every day," she said. "And I feel a little guilty, but it worked out very well."

Except, of course, when they had to hide her pregnancy from the cameras.

"During shooting, every time I stood up from behind the computer, it would be cut and they'd bring in the body double," she joked. "And then people were very nice and said, 'Would you like a glass of water? Would you like to sit down?'

"And so it's a pretty dream scenario for me."