KSL and KNRS are the top two radio stations in the Salt Lake radio market.

According to the latest Arbitron estimates released last week, the all-news/talk stations command almost 16 percent of the age 12-plus listener audience.

KSL (AM-1160/FM102.7) has an 8.7 percent share while KNRS (AM-570) has a 7.1 percent share (up 1.8 percent from last fall).

Is Salt Lake City's appetite for news and talk unusual?

In New York, the nation's largest radio market, the top four stations are all-music formats. News/talk stations are ranked fifth and sixth.

In Los Angeles, the No. 2 market, a top 40 station is No. 1, followed by an all-talk station followed by a classic hits music station.

In Chicago, the top two stations are news/talk, and in San Francisco, the top three stations are news/talk.

Meanwhile in Salt Lake's latest ratings, KSFI ("FM-100") continues to slide and is now sixth place behind KRSP (FM-103.5), KUBL (FM-93.3) and KZHT (FM-97.1).

KRSP had its best ratings in several years. KUBL, KJMY (FM-99.5), KODJ (FM-94.1), KENZ (FM-101.9) and KOSY (FM-106.5) all gained listeners.

KZHT, KXRK ("X-96") and KBER (FM-101.1) dropped in listenership.

KBZN (FM-97.9), slipped from a 1.8 percent audience share last fall to a 1.0 share.

Here are the age 12-plus ratings for the winter Arbitron book:

1. KSL (8.7 percent); 2. KNRS-AM (7.1); 3. KRSP (5.3); 4. (tie) KUBL and KZHT (4.6); 6. KSFI (4.5); 7. KJMY (4.2); 8. KODJ (3.7); 9. KUUU (3.3); 10. KXRK (3.1);

11. KOSY (3.0); 12. KKAT (2.5); 13. (tie) KBEE and KENZ (2.2); 15. KBER (2.1); 16. KUDD/KUDE (1.9); 17. KHTB (1.7); 18. (tie) KDUT, KJQN and KFNZ-AM (1.6); 21. KEGA/KEGH. (1.5); 22. (tie) KLO-AM and KTMY (1.1); 24. (tie) KBZN, KYMV and KZZQ (1.0); 27. KBMG (0.6); and 28. KMRI-AM (0.5).

Note: Arbitron does not rank KSOP and some other nonsubscribing stations to their services on this general, all-age list.

FIRST ANNIVERSARY — Utah Free Media (utahfm.org), an online community radio station, will celebrate its one-year anniversary May 12.

"I'm so amazed by what our volunteers have managed to accomplish in a year," said UtahFM co-founder Michael Place.

"They literally started with nothing a year ago, and they created one of the largest all-volunteer broadcasting networks in the country."

According to Place, the UtahFM audience includes regular local, national and international listeners.

For more information, go to www.utahfm.org.

ANOTHER LAYOFF — Bob Hendricks, newsman at KNRS (AM-570), was let go last week. This cutback, and others at sister stations, were part of a national cost-cutting move by Clear Channel Communications.

TEN YEARS AGO IN SALT LAKE RADIO — The "Ground Zero" show on KBER ends as host Clyde Lewis moves to Oregon.

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