A Utah woman who gained notoriety as the so-called "Hipster Grifter" will appear in court in Philadelphia next week for an extradition hearing.

Kari Ferrell, 22, was arraigned Monday night in Philadelphia's Municipal Court, where a judge set bail at $250,000, court records said. Another hearing has been scheduled for May 15.

Salt Lake City police are seeking Ferrell on $60,000 in arrest warrants for forgery and fraud-related charges. She is on the police department's "most wanted" list, and authorities have said they will extradite her back to Utah to face criminal charges.

Ferrell gained notoriety after being profiled in a New York newspaper story touting her as the "Hipster Grifter," accusing her of a series of scams amongst people in Brooklyn's hipster scene. She surrendered to police in Philadelphia on Sunday.

— Ben Winslow